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Falon Sells, Co-Author

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You know Falon as the vibrant, wise and witty woman from the 99 Ways to Win podcast. But do you know what she's overcome?

Her faith is so strong and her passion is so real because God brought her through incredible pain.

Falon's fast paced account of the struggle between good and evil that almost took her life will have you at the edge of your seat.

It will also fill your heart with hope.

About 99 Ways to Win

Seeking Your Success

99 Ways to Win is a concept Michelle Wright came up with in 2012.

Originally the name for what she thought would be a marketing business, the Lord later revealed she would do much more than help people with editing emails and website copy.

In 2021 the 99 Ways to Win Podcast was born, encouraging Christian women in various areas of life. Michelle faced challenges in her personal life and had to pause production on the podcast.

2023 marked a new season for Michelle: personally, spiritually and professionally.

  • Her first foray into being a published author with the Joyfully Courageous devotional

  • Revival of the 99 Ways to Win Podcast

  • Revival and expansion of her freelance editing services

  • Launch of the Divine Discussions Conference Call

  • Becoming comfortable in a new stage of life after several major transitions

As a result of these transitions, 99 Ways to Win is evolving.

Stay tuned for new content coming soon!

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Photo of Michelle Wright in white blouse with black floral print
Photo of Michelle Wright in white blouse with black floral print

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Michelle Wright

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